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Monday - Friday

Welcome to the Monday-Friday blog! 
This blog features work outside of weddings, images I shoot during the week for corporate & academic clients. I look forward to posting some of my favorite images from those shoots as well some of the behind-the-scenes pictures. Come visit often!


I haven't posted in this section for too long. I've been doing spec work for a local athletic company that wants to show exercise in the context of iconic Bethlehem landmarks. I don't know if this is the direction the client will choose to go but I like the image a lot and enjoyed producing it.


BP wanted images capturing some of the life surrounding their windmill farm in Northeast PA. I had to sneak up on this crew this morning after crossing a creek (non-waterproof boots), climbing a pretty steep bank & crawling through tall grass.  
This guy stood there looking at me like he was trying to decide if I was a figment of his imagination. 


I'm in Ghana this week working on a video about autism. This is Phyllis on my lap. She is a lovely and very friendly young girl. Matt Rainey is here shooting stills & he was good enough to give me this.


Last night I was shooting Alan & Rose's engagement session on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum when Rufus rolled by. I've been on a skateboard a few times & I got nothing on this dog.