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Olivia and Anthony | Perona Farms

Nov 7, 2015
There are venues where you can feel the history. The minute you arrive, you realize these places weren't built as wedding sites--in fact that's usually the furthest thing anyone ever thought of at its conception. When I shoot a wedding at one of these places, I find myself wondering what went on here? How did it get to be a wedding venue?  
Olivia and Anthony were married at Perona Farms in Andover, New Jersey, which I learned was once a 260-acre dairy farm. It was purchased in 1917 by Emil Perona, who, after a few years realized he was going to have to take in boarders to pay his bills. His wife, known as Mother Perona, feed the hundreds of guests who eventually flocked there for respite from life.  
And now, four generation of Peronas later, "farm" remains in the name, but this place is really an elegant site for people to come together and celebrate. I am guessing while Emil and his wife meant to raise dairy cows, they would be happy to know this place hosts events filled with joy and happiness--Olivia and Anthony's wedding was most certainly one of these.  

Right Now

Oct 28, 2015
I shot this photo and said to Katelyn, "I don't know that I've ever shot an image I like better than that one." 
It felt like a poem.  
Katelyn & Steven you gave this to me. And I am so appreciative.  

Kristina and Alex | The French Manor Inn

Oct 8, 2015
There's nothing more moving than when a bride and groom recite vows they've written themselves. Kristina and Alex did just that during their ceremony at The French Manor Inn.  
Before the ceremony I spent some time with Alex as he put the final touches on the promises he wanted to make to Kristina. I wanted to highlight those photos here because it was a really peaceful moment--it was a symbol of the way Kristina made Alex feel on their special day and in everyday life.  
With their permission, here is what Kristina and Alex said to one each other: 
"We vow to commit to a lifetime of learning, personal and professional development, and mental, emotional, physical and spiritual fitness. 
We vow to remain faithful to our spiritual way of life, and to walk our personal and shared paths with gratitude and integrity. 
We vow to address our conflicts head-on, recognizing that together we can weather any storm, and that each conflict presents an opportunity for growth and a progressively deeper relationship. 
We vow to cultivate gratitude for our lives and for our relationship, and to see and honor the hand of God in every facet of our lives."
If you are getting married in the near future, and you're reading this, I hope you'll consider writing your own vows. I promise you won't regret it. 

Right Now

Sep 30, 2015
A quiet moment, kissed with light, as Amy prepared to see Brandon for the first time on their wedding day. 

Amanda and Sean | ArtsQuest

Sep 29, 2015
I have had brides wear their great-grandmother's diamond earrings--a coveted and precious item among the women in the family. I have had grooms who slide an heirloom watch onto their wrist--a gift from a father who wore it on his wedding day. But, it was Amanda and Sean who stunned me with the heirloom they had with them on their wedding day: A Tucker 48.  
This car, produced in 1948, was conceptualized by Sean's grandfather, Preston Tucker. At the time it was considered to be technologically advanced and, I think you'll agree, it remains a work of art.