The Reveal

Jul 28, 2016
It's one of my favorite parts of the day. 
The anticipation. The excitement. The nerves. 
It has all built to this moment. 
And it's wonderful. 
These are Brittany and Josh's first moments together and it was, obviously, very emotional. 
And the dresses? A good reveal requires an audience - close enough to see but far enough away to let the couple have their moment together. 
Josh & Brittany: There are many, many wonderful moments from your wedding day to come and I can't wait to share them all when I blog your full wedding. 
Much love, 
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Shelby & Jimmy's Engagement | Allentown, PA

Jul 12, 2016
I frequently ask my couples if they have any special plans for their engagement photos. Some want them to simply remember this time in their life, others want to create a large print for their wedding guests to sign; some plan to have them framed and used as decor at their reception. And others, like Rachel and Jimmy, will use them to create a save-the-date.  
Keeping this in mind, we started in the Lehigh Parkway where we captured some really beautiful, iconic images - pictures moms can frame and show their friends.  
But once those are in the bag, I'll admit: it's fun to push the boundaries a bit. Get strange even. Go to the edge then just a little further. It's this work that keeps me interested and engaged as an artist. I tell clients: "I'm going to give you many, many beautiful images. But don't be surprised if there are a few that make you scratch your head." 
Downtown Allentown gave me that opportunity. We found our first pictures before leaving the parking garage. 
Thanks, Jimmy and Shelby, for indulging me. 
Want to see more? Take a tour of some of my favorite images.

Right Now

Jul 8, 2016
Finishing up Rachael & Jimmy's wedding and there are a lot of moments I love. 
But this one sticks with me. 
Wedding are public pronouncements of commitment, but it's always these private moments that I love. Rachel's mom was adjusting her dress shortly after it went on. It was the first moment she was able to take it all in: Rachel, in her dress, in all her beauty.  

Cindy & Karen | The Farm at Eagles Ridge

Jul 7, 2016
Most couples marry toward the beginning of their relationship.  
It was different for Karen and Cindy.  
After twenty-five years of living together, loving each other and raising a family, they married in June at The Farm at Eagles Ridge in Lancaster.  
In vows they made promises for the future; They were promises Cindy and Karen have been living for twenty-five years.  
It was a very emotional day, a culmination of all that had come before and a look forward to all that lies ahead.  

Fitbit Wedding

Jul 6, 2016
How may steps will you take on your wedding day? My recent bride Melissa - photos coming soon! - tucked her fitbit into her dress for the day to find out: A LOT!!!!