Wonderful Surprises

Jul 7, 2014
Photographing a wedding is like free falling: It seems like everything is happening at once and in certain moments you see pictures happening everywhere. You get as much as you possibly can before the moment is gone. Most of the time you forget what you shot until later when you find all these wonderful little surprises. 
I had forgotten about this beautiful, spontaneous moment between Michelle and her mother just after the veil went on last weekend. It was one of a whole bunch of wonderful surprises from that day. 
More to come. 


Jul 1, 2014
Hello Summer!  
Spring was a whirlwind & the blog has slipped away from me. So here, in one post, are some of my absolute faves. Thanks to Joy & Praveen, Kathleen & Jan, Lori & Erman, Lauren & Scott, Noel & John and Julie & Andrew! 

Bethlehem Steel

Mar 26, 2014
I'm working on Joe & Gina's wedding at ArtsQuest, a Bethlehem venue situated on the property of the former Bethlehem Steel site. Folks around here are familiar with it. 
I have photographed several weddings there but never made this picture which is perfect for Joe and Gina. Joe said to me, essentially: We want all the normal stuff but we also want you to really go for it, too. 
I think this did the trick. 

Amanda & Andy

Feb 26, 2014
Finally! A shoot! 
It has been a quiet winter for wedding photography so I was excited to work with Amanda & Andy last Saturday in Old City Philadelphia. 
Amanda surprised me: "We were thinking about sunrise. How do you feel about 6:45am?" 
The city was beautiful and quiet and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. We went to Penn's Landing and then wandered around and explored. I was totally impressed with their playfulness at such an early hour. 
I love the images. 
Thanks Amanda & Andy! 
Um, I'm assuming your ceremony is at a much more reasonable hour... 

Stop Motion + Real Audio

Feb 6, 2014
I am just terribly excited about THIS. 
(If the link doesn't work paste this into your browser: https://vimeo.com/86043988) 
For a long time I have been making stop motion films using just photographs from a wedding day. What I always wanted, and finally have, is a stop motion film with real audio captured on the wedding day. 
This kind of work is very time-consuming and this film is largely thanks to the efforts of Deidre Hosterman who joined my team in April last year. I shot the images but Deidre pulled them all together with the audio to make something special.  
And many thanks to Vanessa & TJ for letting me experiment on their wedding day last August. I told Vanessa, "I don't know if this will work but I want to give it a try." 
I think it worked. Thanks Deids.