Oct 27, 2014
I would be the last person to suggest that Philadelphia has much in common with Paris but when you get down to the Mercantile Exchange, well, it gets a whole lot closer. I'm finishing up Emmy & Tom's wedding from two weeks ago and this is one of my favorites.

The Moment

Sep 3, 2014
I posted a similar moment from Michelle's wedding a few weeks ago. It doesn't get old. This is Sarah shortly before her marriage to Anthony.  
Sometimes people think too much and plan too much for their wedding photography. If you've met with me about your wedding I've probably said that the best images come from being fully present and in the moment on your wedding day. Serendipity will always give you a better image than you can contrive. 
This image was Sarah and her mom, both very much in the moment. It always leads to good things.  

Can I Get a Little Help Up In Here????

Jul 31, 2014
It takes a village - especially when trying to get little ones to smile during formals. Thanks for the help, Robin - let me know if you ever need a part-time job. 

Wonderful Surprises

Jul 7, 2014
Photographing a wedding is like free falling: It seems like everything is happening at once and in certain moments you see pictures happening everywhere. You get as much as you possibly can before the moment is gone. Most of the time you forget what you shot until later when you find all these wonderful little surprises. 
I had forgotten about this beautiful, spontaneous moment between Michelle and her mother just after the veil went on last weekend. It was one of a whole bunch of wonderful surprises from that day. 
More to come. 


Jul 1, 2014
Hello Summer!  
Spring was a whirlwind & the blog has slipped away from me. So here, in one post, are some of my absolute faves. Thanks to Joy & Praveen, Kathleen & Jan, Lori & Erman, Lauren & Scott, Noel & John and Julie & Andrew!