Right Now

Jun 22, 2016
I'm posting this just because it makes me so happy.  
It was taken moments after Cindy and Karen were married. There was a lot of joy and happiness at this wedding that was a lifetime in the making. I'll share their wonderful story and pictures here soon. 

Right Now

Jun 18, 2016
Yesterday, I took Shelby and Jim into Downtown Allentown to add some urban flare into their engagement photos. I had never actually done an engagement shoot in Allentown. It went well. We didn't even get out of the parking garage and the pictures started coming. 
Stay tuned for more traditional (and not-so-traditional) images from this session. 

Jessie & Doug | Lutz-Franklin Schoolhouse

Jun 10, 2016
Doug and Jessie's wedding venue was so unusual I asked to have their planning meeting onsite. It was a one room schoolhouse near Hellertown, Pennsylvania where Doug's grandmother, Ella, was once a student.  
On their wedding day, as they exchanged their vows, I was thinking about Ella; A young girl toiling over arithmetic in that very space. I found myself wondering what she would think of her unborn son's unborn son, someday walking into that very classroom and standing right up front by the chalkboard, marrying the girl of his dreams? 
The Lutz-Franklin Schoolhouse is a museum now, but still holds all the charm you might imagine: wavy glass windows, a coal-fired stove, old hardwood floors and neat little rows of children's desks. 
I was thrilled at the opportunity to work in such a unique space.  

Kathryn & Miguel | Historic Easton, Pennsylvania

Jun 6, 2016
It's important that a couple's personality guide their wedding day choices; They need to make it their own.  
Kathryn and Miguel did just that when they married in a spectacular private home in Easton's College Hill neighborhood. 
See, the bride, Kathryn, told her mom, Kathy, she wanted a Downton Abbey inspired wedding. Since Kathy (remember that's the mother-of-the-bride) has overseen hundreds of weddings in her role as Catering and Sales Manager at Hotel Bethlehem, she knew just the right location to bring Downton to her daughter.  
When all was said and done, Kathryn (yes, the bride) and Miguel held an intimate wedding surrounded by the warmth found only in a private home filled with the people you love the most.  
This spectacular home was built from the blueprints of a traditional 1920s English-style house. And the decor...well...Kathy pulled out all the stops. With the help of Karen Hunter of Catering by Karen Hunter and Sarah Petryk of Allium Design, every detail was well thought out and beautifully executed.  
I am certain the Grantham Family would approve.  

Starting Lines

Jun 4, 2016
In six weeks I will photograph Brittany in a white dress, walking down an aisle to marry Joshua. 
Today I photographed her finishing the Girls On The Run 5k in West Chester where she had run with and mentored one of the 1,700 kids who participated in the race. Girls On The Run is a non-profit program that encourages pre-teen girls to develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles in a ten-week program that culminates in a 5k run. 
That was today. 
And it was lovely to see my bride cross the finish line with such joy. Soon she'll be at a new starting line.